Lastenradtest. A cargobike research project in Germany

Image: DLR

What advantages, and problems, do cargobikes (German: lastenraeder) have in cities? The low-emission advantages are clear but what about usability? Are they easy to park and secure? Do they impact safety on shared roads and paths? How far can you really expect to ride per day? Is 250 watts of electric support enough to get a heavy bike, a person and 50 KG of load up a hill without the rider needing a shower at their destination? A new study by the German Aerospace agency plans to find out with the help of 150 cargobikes.

Ich entlaste St├Ądte – I lighten the load on cities – is the name of the project and #lastenradtest is the hashtag to use to find more information.

If you’re in Germany you can apply to have a cargobike delivered for a test period of up to three months. You’ll have a choice from over 40 models that range up to 300 KG cargo carriers and fast-pedelecs that need a motorbike licence and crash helmet to drive. 45 km/h won’t be allowed on bike paths either!


The main aim of the project is to scientific research report for the analysis of the user acceptance, environmental assessment and transport effects but we’re sure that more is going to come out of this project. There’s a lot of fun to be had here so if you’re interested in a test period up to the middle of May 2019, contact the DLR.

For more information: Lastenradtest.

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