State funding now available for commercial e-cargobikes in Germany

Commercial, electric powered cargobike buyers can now get a huge 30%, up to 2500 Euro rebate via a new German government subsidy. Announced in Nov 2016, the details of the project have just been released. The subsidy covers 30% of the purchase price of an electric cargobike for business use. Electric-assisted trailers are also covered.

The official details of the e-cargobike subsidy come just two days after the German high court ruled it legal for cities to ban Diesel cars (under certain conditions) which is perfect timing considering the Spring buying season is just round the corner too.

With e-cargobike prices easily in the 4000 Euro range this subsidy is going to completely change the economics of buying a cargobike. A company claiming the goods tax (MwSt) of 19%, offsetting the cost against income tax and using the subsidy can effectively take around 50% off the ticket price. Running costs are 20-30 Euro a month and there’s a huge opportunity to advertise and gain a marketing advantage with a cargobike.

There are 10 cargobike problems you’ll need to plan for and we don’t recommend using a cargobike in the freezing temperatures that we’ve had in Germany this week but spring is round the corner and we expect sales to boom.

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