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10 cargobike problems you’ll need to plan for.

Cargobike problems include parking, startup time, space, weather, style, bollards, street repairs, leaves, curbs, security,safety and people. If you’re considering usnig a cargobike for kids transport, business or touring, read this list and think carefully about how you’re going to cope with each issue. To be honest, it’s a tough call. You’ll need the help […]

Low-carbon mobility events live from #COP23 in Bonn

Low carbon mobility, clean cities and safe living is going be discussed at great length and in-depth in Bonn during COP23. The Climate Change Conference is in town and I, personally, am involved with a rather large organisation that has a lot to say about cargobikes. They have a lot to say about city planning, […]

Lastenradtest. A cargobike research project in Germany

What advantages, and problems, do cargobikes (German: lastenraeder) have in cities? The low-emission advantages are clear but what about usability? Are they easy to park and secure? Do they impact safety on shared roads and paths? How far can you really expect to ride per day? Is 250 watts of electric support enough to get […]